Fighting for life….

Here goes my next article. I know many of you would have read my first article on friendship. Usually something that is happening in your life motivates you to write. My first article was a tribute to our friendship. After I got many appreciations for that article, I sat down and thought what my second article will be about. Then I decided I will write about how cancer patients fight for their life. I have personally seen a person fighting to live. So, I guess I will pen down my thoughts.

As you all know cancer is a deadly disease which involves unregulated cell growth. In a lay man’s words, cells in our body grows, multiplies and conquer various parts of the body. Cancer can be categorised into various stages. Though many researches are being conducted, we’re still not able to find a cure for it. This makes me think certain things are controlled by god. As I told you before, I know a person who is suffering from caner. As I sat down to pen this article, I traveled back few years and tried to remember how it all began. One  day, all of a sudden, I heard some noise from the other room in my house. I was sleeping with my eyes tightly closed. But the noise made me wake up with a shock. Immediately me and my mom rushed to the room to see my grandma crying in pain. My mom completely struck with fear asked her what happened. She said, “I just woke up from bed, and found something hitting my stomach. I’m unable to bear  the pain.” My mom told her lets take few tablets and wait for a day so that we can see what is going wrong. Hours passed and she was still struck with pain. So we decided its time we meet the doctor. The situation became worse and we called up a gastroenterologist whom we have known for quite a few years. He asked us to fix an appointment with him in a nearby hospital. We reached there and he examined her. He assured us it was just appendicitis and can be operated. We reached home and started planning for the operation. Our aunt flew down to chennai and finally the operation was fixed. Early morning on August 27, she was operated and doctors said it was successful. She came back home and was leading a normal life. Days passed by and once again she felt a tumble in her stomach. The doctor came home to see her and suggested we take her for a CT SCAN. As per the doctors advice, scan was taken and thats when we realised we are in for a shock. Yes, the reports showed signs of a tumor which was malignant. The whole family was down in a state of shock and we tried a lot to come out of it. One thing that surprised me was, even in this situation my grandma never lost her self confidence. As she is pretty old, doctors felt chemotherapy might not be a good option. So we decided to give her a radiation. Search for hospitals began and we finally zeroed on a cancer institute near our place. Radiation went on successfully and she was responding to the treatments. She became normal and started going for regular walks. Little did we know, she was in the 2nd stage. She started taking regular meals and continued with tablets. Slowly, she stopped eating and she became very weak and fatigue. Often we saw bloating of the stomach. We wanted to call the doctor but she said its just normal. After the process of discussing and convincing, we called the doctor. He checked her and said she is in the second stage and decided to continue the radiation. When the process of radiation was going on, the doctors told us that it has spread to the nearby parts and its difficult for her to respond. We brought her back home and tied various medications. Day by day she became very weak and started shouting in pain. Slowly, abdominal pain increased and we had to fit a catheder. Her sufferings increased. Our doctor visited us and confirmed she is in the final stage. She is not able to sit or even walk. Food is taken in very rarely and she takes hardly few spoons of milk every day. At times, a small part of a fruit. Life became worser and her sufferings crossed the limits. I can see her cry and shout in pain but I’m not able to do anything other than sit beside her, hold her hand and pray god. Recently she had some more complications and the doctor told us she is in the final stage and we will not be able to do anything to reduce the pain. Tablets, ayurveda medicines will last for few hours only. I can see her fighting with the disease and she is trying her best to win the war. She is battling like a soldier in the war front. But only god knows the result.

I have come across many cases where people are fighting against this evil spirit. Everyday we spend time watching TV, browsing the internet and commenting on facebook. Just close your eyes for a second and think if we have done anything for these people. If you know people who are suffering from cancer, visit them occasionally, hold their hand and give them strength. Pray for their well being. If you don’t know anybody, its okay, there are many people who need your prayers. Everyday spend one minute for them and pray to god. I’m sure god will save them and you will have the satisfaction of saving a life.

Salute to the real heroes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!