Gen y???? Gen x????? relatives????? youngsters????

One fine morning, I decided to go for a walk. Usually I hate walks and a walk in the morning never attracted me. But on that special day, it was raining and to get drenched in the rain, I told my mom I will go for a walk. Sad, she didnt know my plan….Reached a nearby park and walked for few mins.. When I was in the 3rd round, I saw a mother and a small girl. She was very cute and when I passed by, I just overhead their conversation.

Kid : Mom, u told me my cousins are coming today. But why are they coming here when i want to go to Disneyland for my holidays.

Mother : See your cousins are living abroad and now is the chance for them to meet you. Believe me you will have good fun with them, you can play with them, roam around and learn good things.

Kid : But mom, you said you will take to me to the malls, cinema and shops in this holidays. Wont you do that if they come?

Before her mother could speak, I was lost in my thoughts and i started to recall few things that happened in my life.

I still remember, my cousins were living abroad and almost the whole year, relatives will be coming home. Believe me I had the best of my time with them. 

Few instances from my life to show you how i was happy.. 

I have a cousin (Janani) who is just 2 years younger to me. Her dad (my uncle) comes home and takes me along with him to their house. My cousin used to wait eagerly for me. I remember she used to stand near the gate and as soon I get down from the bike she used to welcome me with her open hands. Those two days, we play, play and play till we are exhausted. I used to fight with her a lot. Both of us beat each other. But the next weekend when I go there again, she used to jump in joy. Years passed by and my another uncle settled in Bangalore.

January, February, March… as soon as april comes my mom packs our clothes and we start   our journey to Bangalore. I had a very small cousin there (Anu) and she is the same as my sister’s age. They both used to play while me and Janani had a good time fighting with each other. I feel sad for my aunt. I still cant understand how she managed all of us. But from my heart I would say i had the best time there. Every year till my 9th std I used to go to Bangalore. In Bangalore my daily routine was, waking up, going out, eating and sleeping. My first uncle and aunt used to travel all the way from Jayanagar to Malleswaram just to see us. At times my aunt used to get down at Malleswaram directly (she was working for BSNL).  And of course my second aunt, she used to take us out and spent an awesome time with us. One more cousin (my age) Anusha used to join us and we were soooo close to each other that we exchange our earrings, bangles… We used to move from one end of Blore to the other end.. When it is weekends, we go for a family tour. We have been to Halebid, Belur, Ranganthitu etc etc., i still remember the cookies my uncle used to get from a shop called Butter scotch 🙂 and not to forget the boating in Sanky tank.. oh ya, the flower show in lalbagh and the train in Cubbon park.. Then Nandi hills my favooo place.. Isckon temple.. my list of places goes on and on… I remember, as soon I see the windson maner bridge while going in train, I used to get excited and wait for the Blore station. I used to ask my mom “How many hrs, should i wait to reach blore.” Last few days in blore, we spent with our sweet little brother Harish.. One boy after 4 girls.. :)…Recently when I went to Blore, I felt the happiness and had tears in my eyes, as those good old days are gone. Every house my uncle stayed in, has many instances which are close to my heart.. I know it will take a long time to pen them down.

OMGGG, how did I leave an important person in my vacation, my grandpa.. He used to walk along with us for 20 mins to buy us chocolates, icecreams even though he was weak. We enjoyed the car rides with him. 

Oh wait, i suddenly heard my phone bell ring, gosh it was my mom and she was asking me to come home.. So, my flashback stopped there and we will continue soon.


AND I HAVE NOT SPOKEN ABOUT MY PATERNAL COUSINS, that’s a different side and I will bring it up in my next post.

Keep waiting!!!!! C ya soon..