Mylapore Festival……

The four day festival that wakes up each and every soul in Mylapore!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Organised by Sundaram Finance, this 4 day festival is full of fun and frolic. Here is a small write up of this most exciting festival.

Every year this festival is organised in January and starting from mama/mamis to kids, everybody becomes a part of this festival. Of course there are many activities, games and food too. The maada veedhis are totally packed with people, but there is only laughter and fun even in that crowd.

So, what all is there in Mylapore Festival??

Main Stage – Outside the great Kapaleeswarar temple, near the 16 pillar mandapam, a stage is set up and events like Group Singing, folk dance are conducted there. Also documentary films will be screened. Every year we have students from various gurus showcasing their talents. I was there only for a few hours and I was shocked to see the young kids singing. It was perfect and the coordination was amazing that they sounded as one. Be it thalam or shrudhi, the kids knew how to manage and I was unable to find any flaw in that. Aha, not to forget the young flower buds dancing like butterflies. It was very colorful and they carried it well.

Also, inside the Kapaleeswarar temple, in the mandapam, bharathanatyam performance takes place. We all know Shiva loves dance and by conducting these performances inside the temple, they are making Shiva happy. Who knows, the lord might be dancing in his abode!!!

Around 8.00 PM, we had special events like screening a documentary movie, performance by trained folk dancers, etc. Also, near the Sannidhi Square, folk performances take place and it is a treat to the people who have never witnessed these. Many young people, born in the city especially, would have heard about this, but would not have seen this. This festival gives them a chance to see the folk performances.

Aha here comes the most important event of this festival, especially for the mamis of Mylapore. Yes, it is the Kolam contest and this is conducted for 2days. Many visitors throng the mada veedhi to see the kolams and take pictures of it. 100 participants are allowed each evening and they draw beautiful kolams on the mada veedhi.

When the mamis are busy drawing kolams or preparing their best dish in the food street, what will the kids do?? That’s where the contest for kids comes into place. Every year many tournaments like chess, Traditional games are conducted and they are given prizes. Kolam contest is also open for kids and they also get a chance to display their art work.

Apart from contests, workshops are also conducted for kids and they get to learn new things like Quilling, art & craft, etc.,

Shopping!!!!! I’m sure everybody loves shopping and many times a retail therapy is needed when we are stressed out and when we want to take a break. So, here a separate street is allocated for craft works, accessories, bags and many more times. Every time I go to the mylapore festival, this is the first street I visit and everytime my mom puts her face down while coming out of this street. Yeah, every thing that is sold here is very much attractive that we end up sending a lot. And I should mention, the products are affordable in price. Starting from earrings to bangles to bags to vessels, everything is lined up here. Ofcourse art works like paintings and posters are also displayed here. They are available for sale too. This street includes work by various state run self help groups and college students.

The next thing that caught my eye, when I was walking down the mada veedhis (streets) was the photo gallery. Every year pictures of the festival and rare pictures of Mylapore, will be displayed.

Every foreigner who comes to the Mylapore festival loves taking back some souvenirs related to this. Apart from the photos they take, they need other small gifts to be kept as memories. So, every year souvenirs like tshirt, painting, photo graph and traditional south indian coffee tumblers are sold at the Fest office.

I still remember, when I was young my grandma used to play Pallankuzhi with me. Later it all disappeared and it moved to carrom board or chess. But, here is a chance to go back to the olden days and bring back the joy of playing pallankuzhi. Yes, they do have a Pallankuzhi and Dhayakattam championship in Mylapore Festival. Aha, just imagine what fun will it be when all the mamis get together and play these awesome traditional games.

Another important part of the Mylapore Festival is the Park Concerts. The organizers give a chance to the budding talents and encourage them to perform at the Nageshwara Rao Park. It is a very good exposure to the young people and every year many trained classical singers participate in this. These concerts happen in the mornings from 7:00 to 8:00 and those who come for morning walks get drenched in the rain of music.

During the weekends, heritage walks, talks by eminent personalities take place. This paves a way for the younger generation to explore the unexplored places in and around Mylapore and to know the praises of Mylapore.

Finally, here comes the best part of this festival – the food street. After finishing my shopping, I run to the food street and eat till my tummy shouts “Stop that, I cant take more.” In the Sundareswarar street from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM, food bazaar is open and a complete blend of traditional and modern dishes will be available. Starting from bajji, dosa, kozhakatai, halwas, sundal to Sandwich, noodles, parata, many many food items will be available. But it will be very crowded as the taste is good and it is very much affordable. So, stay out decide what you want, take out the money, dash into the crowd, go first, order what you want and get it.

Once dinner is over there, people rush home, as they have to visit again next day. Of course on the last day they go back with a sad face.

Huh finally Mylapore Festival 2014 has come to an end!!!!!!!

I understand this blog is toooooo big. But what to do I had to pen down all these, only then the blog will be complete.

Okay ppl, i badly need a coffee break now. Aha its dinner time, I cant take coffee, guess I will have to fill my stomach with corn flakes. C ya all soon in another post. Take care. Bubye.


Its 2014 and I never realised……….

Oh god, it 2014, and I did not write anything for January. Aha! This is completely surprising for me and I’m wondering what I was doing all these days. Okay, chuck it, Now I’m back with a new thought and this year it is going to be fun. As I planned last year, I will be starting my tourism blog and I’m also planning to start a blog for temples.

My fun with cooking blog is going to be re-designed with more authentic cuisines. I hope you will love that.

And, this blog, i.e. my personal blog is going to be loaded with new posts. Be it relationship or festivals or anything, you can find it here. And of course girl talks like cosmetics, clothes and accessories will also be included here.

Okay for now, here is a sneak peek into my Jan posts – Madras market, Mylapore festival and Finding a Iyer groom.

Watch out for these 3 new posts, I hope it will be updated this weekend.

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And one more thing, I have started writing reviews in zomato, so check that out and if you want to try a new restaurant, check my review and then decide if its worth going…

Bubyeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch this blog for more updates…….