Women’s Day

imageMarch 8th – Women’s day!!!!

I know a Woman has to show many faces in her life and cross many hurdles to become successful in her life. Also, at times she has to struggle to keep her family happy. Yes, she is the root of a family. Without a woman to support, a family cannot run. That’s why they will say a man cannot live after his wife dies, but a woman can live even after her husband dies. The reason behind this is a woman understands many things and she makes herself mentally strong to live the rest of her life. But it is difficult for a man to become mentally strong.

One awesome woman, with whom I have spent 25 yrs is my MOM. Yeah, I came to this world because of her. If its not for her, I would have not entered this world. I’m sorry mom, even before entering this world I gave you pain – yeah, for 10 months. Sorry mom. My mom too has many faces, wife, sister, mother, friend and she fulfills all these with a smile and a good heart.

So, lets proceed this way, 3 important roles of my mom in my family:

1. Wife – My mom and dad, I would say, the “Best Couple” in the world has been through many tough times and happy times. As many of you know Dad was acting in serials and was taking care of his business also. So he usually comes home late in the evening and he will have to leave for the drama as the shows usually begin at 7:00 PM. My mom finishes all her work, takes care of me (I was a baby that time), gets his things ready for the drama, prepares tiffin and even help him do his make up. After my dad leaves, she has to prepare dinner and stay awake till late night as my dad will not eat if my mom is not there to serve. Again, wake up early morning and starts her work. I dont know how my mom does this routine for the past 25 years. My dad always tell me, without mom he cannot live, and it is soo true. Lets say its lunch time for dad, he expects the food to be hot. So, mom will reheat the food and only after the food is served, dad will come to the table. So, before he sits, mom has to serve food and while she is serving food she should not do any other work because dad does not like calling and asking for food. So she just stands till he finishes eating. Many more instances are there!!!!!!!!!

2. Mother- Awwww!!! my Mom!!!.. Wat to tell mom, you are the best Mother. I remember mom it was early morning 3 and you know I’m dieing. I know you were crying inside, but you still took a bold step of taking me to the hospital alone. Even after admitting me, you did not want to call anybody for help. I heard you telling the doctor, I can take care of my daughter. And yeah, that one week was hell for us.. But you brought me back alive. For the second time, you brought me to this world. Mom, I cant forget the days when you used to be awake till 3 AM, just to open the door when I come home from work and give me food. I dont know how my mom managed to wake up at 5 after being awake till 3. That shows the pain you have faced because of me mom. I still remember many days I have snatched your favourite dresses and you always give it with a smile. We do fight often mom, but within few minutes, you come and say sorry.. I know mom everytime I should actually say sorry but you ask because you cant be without talking to me…

3. Daughter – in -law: Ahaa, the most difficult part for any woman. But I know mom you finished that part so well.. I should learn from you mom. When my grandma was suffering from cancer, mom used to take care of her soo well. She used to feed her, clean the radiation wounds, take her to hospital. On top of this, she used to take care of me and my sister. Apart from this, she does the other works like going to the bank, paying the bills etc. Mom, I don’t know how you managed to do all these. I understand mom its difficult to do all these single handed.

Hmm mom, you are the root of our family!!! Without you nothing will run here… Love you sooo much Mom. 🙂 🙂 🙂


Hard Worker or a Smart Worker????

Aha, its friday and I just saw few people closing their works for the week and moving into the weekend. While the others are still slogging and are just dreaming of enjoying the last day of the week. Yeah, that’s the difference between a smart worker and a hard worker. Who is a Smart Worker?? Many of us think a smart worker is a person who cheats or who deliberately finishes the work early to sit idle. But I think its time to realise that they are the ones who actually use their brains, put in their effort to the fullest and work. That is the reason why they finish the work early. I don’t mean to say Hard workers are not capable enough to do a work. But I would say they just start running as soon as the board is clapped, and their aim is to just win the race. But a smart worker, will not waste time and he will try to analyse the running track, before the board is clapped. And as soon as the board is clapped, they run on the path they have chosen. That’s exactly what a smart worker does. He analyses and finds different ways to complete his work.

If you ask me I would say a hard worker is a person who takes mental stress. Though you can be sure he will do the job, you cannot be sure if he does the job happily. A smart worker applies his knowledge in the path he has chosen and gives a better result.

You can find many hardworkers but it is very difficult to find one smart worker. When you find one, make sure you don’t leave him.

In today’s corporate world, many companies have actually started recognising smart workers. They also prefer smart workers to hard workers. For example the big corporate giants, prefer smart workers and not hard workers. That is why, we will have to clear many rounds of interviews to enter into the world of giants. Their interview will be different from the other companies and the only reason behind that is they want only smart workers. It is said that if an employee is kept happy, he will do his work better and be more productive. Now, when will this happiness come. Only when he finds better ways to do his work, finish earlier and be away from stress. All these qualities can be found in a smart worker.

Few people might say, hard workers like the job that’s why they work hard. But I will say they work hard to prove themselves and to climb the corporate ladder soon. I understand getting promoted early and getting good name gives us monetary and non-monetary benefits. But to attain that, a person has to undergo a lot of pressure and he will not be different from the others. But a smart worker will stand a step ahead and gives the desired output, thereby getting better career growth.

Now tell me, will you go for a Hard worker or a Smart worker?

I’m sure everybody in today’s world wants to be unique and wants to achieve more than the others. So, better be a smart worker and work when you have to work, play when you have to play..

Huh!!! Now I’m in a mood to write, so I will keep on writing, but this topic has to end. Otherwise it will be like beating around the bush. Well, I’m signing off for now. See ya, tomorrow with another post, maybe a women’s day post. Till then, take care… Sayonara!!