Time for a change!!!

Hey folks!!

Hope you are doing good… I’m expecting a change in my life soon. Okay hold your thoughts, I’m moving to a new job and yes the company name is secret.. Sshhhh… So, I’m not going to share it with you all. Sorry for that.

So, yes, this is my 3rd last day in this company. I have to move on, leaving behind my best friends and taking away just the memories.

Life at this company was totally different. It was like a coin, faced both sides, felt happy and sad. After working for a retail giant, I stepped into this company. Of course I had mixed feelings and I was very scared if I can put up with the culture as I was used to a very free style of working. But believe me it was not so difficult. Yes I faced challenges in adapting myself, but I got used to it. When I entered this company I was a fresher for handling calls and after listening to others I felt I made a wrong decision. But in the first week itself people here made me feel comfortable and I realised handling calls is not so difficult. I still remember the day when I dialed my first call. It was exciting and I love speaking so it was easy for me to converse with the person on the other end.

Days passed by, I successfully finished my intensive training program and came down to the floor, where I met my TLs Roger and Alex. My TLs were very supportive and they knew my working style. Rather than putting it as new, they understood my working style. So, it was very easy for me to deliver what they wanted from me. There I met Ricardo, my colleague from whom I learnt many things not only about my job but about life too. He is a very realistic guy and he has a small bit of knowledge about everything. Actually he held my hand and made me walk through the process. To be very frank, on the first day of calling, I did not know how to put on my headset and he taught me thrice. Without him I would have been the reason for people laughing. Apart from these people I had few very close friends who were with me from my training batch, Cyril, Abrar and Bhadri. Of course I had many other friends, rather I would call them as passing clouds, because they failed to act like a friend. Yeah, they were with me as friends but later on changed to be back stabbers for no mistake of mine. Okay, lets leave them aside, they are not worth mentioning here. So ya back to my best friends!! Cyril – a very very close friend of mine. I don’t know how we became close but it just happened that we both became best friends. Yes I can share all my problems with him. Many of you know I’m very bad at making decision and here I go to him when I’m confused. He knows exactly what I want. So ya, I will miss Cyril, but I know he will join my new company. Abrar – the guy who is just out of college. Very Jovial, friendly and yes he gives me perfect advice at times. Abrar is that friend whom I can call when I’m in a tough situation and he will be there the next second to help me. I already miss him but we stay closeby and he can hop into my house any time. Bhadri – just like a brother to me. Very practical and never gives a damn to gossips. I share my health issues to him, because he is one such person who can understand and give a proper advice. Not only health issues but many other problems too. Yeah, as days passed by I had to face many challenges here and it was like instigating my temper, so he was the one who actually made me realise there is no point in getting angry. He actually taught me how to keep calm.

Days passed by, Alex left. Things started to change. We reopened after christmas and yeah we were in for a shock. Everything was changing. Initially I found it very difficult to accept the change. At times it put me down so much that I thought of getting out. I felt I was entangled in a bush of thorns. That’s when I met Rodha and Sam. – Baby mas!!!!!! That’s how we address each other.

Rodha and Sam : The reason why I did not put them separately as I cannot see them like that. We were together and we will be the same. I’m just like a kid to both Rodha and Sam, right from making me eat food to help me work. Actually if its not for them I would not have stayed here for a long time. Many of you know I’m that kind of a person who will not talk back much, but will keep my anger to myself. Rodha and Sam were the ones who voiced out for me and gave me the guts to talk back. They gave me the guts to tell people that I cannot take so much. Actually they fought a lot for me. An apt example is this: Lets say when a person is falling down, a hand (Miracle) comes to hold him and bring him up. They were the hand for me and I was the one who was falling down. Without them I would not have learnt many things. Its npt about learning or helping its just about how affectionate they are towards me. They hardly know me for few months and we became so close. If I need to tell all about them, I need this whole blog.

Rithu: I know Rithu when she was in Alex’s team itself. She was also very close to Sam and Rodha. Me and Rithu share the same taste when it comes to shopping. Actually when I was struck in a problem with my ex, she made me come out of it. She cleared my mind. From what I know I would call her as a very bold girl. She taught me how to be bold. She taught me how to stand up to and say no to various wrong things. She made me realise my life is not so difficult. She taught me how to fight back.

Of course I met other people here, learnt various things and faced a lot of hurdles, but one thing is I’m going out for good.

Yeah I will cry when I move out, but it will be for Rodha, Sam, Cyril, Bhadri, Rithu and Roger.

So, its time to welcome the new change…..

Bye bye!!!!! Leaving with tears!!!!