August – The month of festivals!!!!!!!

Hey all,

I’m back with a new idea. Yeah, I will be posting about the South Indian festivals in detail. You must be wondering why I started this in august and not in January, it’s because this is the month of festivals. Starting from day 1 of the Aadi month, we celebrate various festivals. Usually Aadi month falls between July and August. Apart from the major festivals like Avani avattam, we have minor festivals in Aadi.

1. Aadi Maasam priappu: The first day, is celebrated by making special dishes like vadai and payasam. Gents do tharpanam on this day and pray that the month should go on well.

2. Aadi velli: Every Friday in the month of Aadi is special for goddess amman and we worship her by offering  sweets and lemon Maalai. Special pooja is conducted in amman temples as it is believed that the goddess increases her power during this month and also fulfills her devotee’s prayers.

3. Aadi krithigai: this is a special festival for lord Muruga and it is said that he will help us if we worship him by offering him sweets and reciting slogas. Arupadai veedu temples and other Muruga temples will be decorated and special pooja will be conducted to gain his blessings

4. Aadi amavasai: Even though every month on amavasai we pray our forefathers, new moon day in the month of Aadi is considered very sacred and many offer their prayers to their forefathers.

Generally during these festivals, the deity is decorated with flowers and slogas are recited. Vadai and payasam are offered to the god/goddess.


The recipe for these dishes can be found in my recipe blog.

There ends the minor festivals and in my next post we can see about varalakshmi virutham.


Is 25 the right age to get married?????????

confusion!!! confusion!!!!! Everyday I wake up to the sound of a new mail in my inbox. With a lazy look I wake up and I see the same horoscope request or interest from a matrimonial website. As soon as the mail pops up, my mom rushes to the website and checks the guy’s profile. I quietly move out of the room and try to escape from these profile matching etc. But nowdays my mother tries to trap me and asks me to go through various profiles. I’m unable to understand how I can select a perfect partner just by checking his profile. This is not a facebook account where we can send a friend request by checking the profile and blocking it later on if we don’t like it. 38 more days to go for my 25th birthday and my parents say I have to get married before 25. I don’t understand the necessity to get married before 25. Also, how is that possible with just 38 more days to go. I have seen many girls working hard to keep their married life healthy. This makes me think if I’m matured enough to handle things in a relationship.  But nowdays parents don’t think about all these issues. They just want to find a suitable guy and try to get their daughter married to him as soon as possible. HUH!!! And US mappillai is the biggest joke here!!! Everytime when somebody brings a horoscope, their first word will be “Paiyan US la irukanam.”!!! At times this whole process irritates me.

Like many other girls, US was a fairyland for me 2 yrs back. But when I came out of the nutshell (college) and entered the corporate world, I realised there is no fairyland in this world. And what if I don’t get a job in US that suits me. Do I have to waste my studies??? My hardwork?? Why cant the guy do it for me. If he really needs me why can’t he relocate to Chennai.

Apart from this, with just few meetings with a family how can I be sure I will live happily there. Leaving my parents is going to be stressful and it could even bring some changes mentally. The family I go to should be able to understand this and support me. But for this they should understand me. To the other people, god whats wrong if i get married late??? Am I a burden for you…!!!

Guess what this was in my drafts folder for a long time and I just checked it.. But one thing even after 4 months I’m still confused!!!

Rise of the Phoenix!!!!

Hi all,

It’s been a long time since I posted one. I have been writing many but they are just piled up in my drafts. so, in the recent days I have been facing loads of issues that are actually putting me down mentally but then life is a mixture. So you need to come out of few things and change your life. It’s your life and you should live it the way you want. you just cannot allow someone to steal the happiness from your life. Never give them a chance to put you down. If they do it, please rise and fight up. Yeah, I did it. That’s why I called myself a Phoenix. Its just not family related issues that make you go down, betrayal of friends. I was betrayed by my friends but never mind I had some real friends to take care of me. They can tell me they did things for my good but they can never make me believe them again.

Okay after friends, it’s love… I met my childhood friend few days back and she told me she had two failed relationships and she has lost trust in everybody. I felt sad for her and at the same time I wanted to tell her it was her mistake. Fine she took a hasty decision but she has to come out of it. Believe me if a guy leaves you it does not mean you are not worthy enough. It means you are not destined to have him. So don’t sit and brood, move on. Live your life, show him who you are, show him you can marry a better guy. Show him you are leading a happy life and that day he will realise his mistake. But to do all these you should you rise up. love failure is not the end. Break it and come out.

Okay that’s it for now…. gotta wake up early, yeah I have booked tickets for anjaan.. hmmmm let’s see.. and keep waiting for my recipes…. oh ya watch out this page, my drafts will get published soon..

Yeah, I’m back with a bang, just like a Phoenix……..