Nine nights and ten days of fun!!! Yeah, every year people from our country look forward for navrathri. It is celebrated all over the country. However the way we celebrate we differs. In the southern parts, we celebrate it by arranging dolls and doing puja. Though there are many stories relating to this festival, we believe that on the 10day ambal killed asura after maintaining 9 days of tapas. Also it is said that first 3 days is celebrated for parvathi, next 3 days for Lakshmi and the last three days is for saraswati.

In South India people arrange dolls in their house, do pooja and offer sundal as prasadham to god. Once the dolls are arranged, friends and relatives are invited home and gifts along with manjal, kumkum is given. These dolls are arranged in steps which is made of iron/wooden rods and planks.

In olden days, people used to keep dolls of our gods like ganesha etc. But nowadays new dolls based on moral stories, tourist places, etc have come up. Few even go for theme kolu where they choose a theme, for example “Krishna” and set their kolu based on that. The traditional kolu dolls include Dasavatharam set, Ashtalakshmi set, Rama, Krishna and few other gods. On the 9th day, pooja is done for saraswati, where we keep our books near the goddess. Even shops and offices celebrate this. On the 10th day (vijayadasami), new ventures are started. Books that were kept in puja, the previous day is taken and kids are made to study. Towards the end one doll is put to sleep and the kalasam is moved north to depict the end of golu.

In Chennai, Mylapore and Mambalam are the best places to buy golu dolls. Mylapore streets will be crowded and the roadsides are filled with dolls.

Okay, gotta go now, c ya in my next post. Bubye!!!!

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  • Relationships in 2014.

    Hola… yeah I am back!!!! You might be wondering why I have named this Relationships in 2014. Yeah, off late I have been hearing many break up stories.. So, just felt like sharing my thoughts about that. Relationships nowadays are becoming very complicated. First of all people have misunderstood the meaning of love and being in a relationship. The term being in a relationship is a status quo. All they want is a partner to roam, to talk out and to have fun. But what is the medium for all these, yeah tats where love comes. So they use love to fulfil their wishes and believe me its not gender specific. I know cases where a girl has been cheated and a guy has been cheated.
    Okay today’s relationships, have you ever thought how they start.. They all start in facebook and WhatsApp. To top it up we have many groups in Facebook where you get to meet a guy/girl and take it forward. Then they speak in WhatsApp and they are so hasty that before they get to know more they fall in the so called love, roam around, have fun and break up. Yeah once you break up block them in fb and WhatsApp, add them to reject list in your phone and move on. Few even get married. And your partner will be upset and face break up.

    Have you ever thought if this is real love? No its not, real love is when you get to understand the person better and you are willing to accept his flaws. But here you don’t even know if the person is true or not. See love is a dream and its a kind of illusion. So people will feel happy about it when you approach them. But what do you gain by doing this? You are spoiling your partner’s life who is true to you. And believe me this is where karma plays a role. It will hit back at the right time. For theists, you forgot god is up there looking at us and do you think he will let you go free.

    To the victims, take this positive. This is destiny. You are destined to face this. You cannot change it. See you are destined for someone and that person will come near you at the right time. So please don’t think of choosing a partner before that. Most importantly you will be vulnerable now. So don’t think of a relationship now. Take time, think, decide and proceed. Are you craving for love, go behind divine love. Only that’s permanent.

    May the cupid of divine line attack you.

    Meet you all in the next post. Take care bye….