Top ten advantages of having a sister… (of course younger one)

Sisters are best friends and I know it very well because I have a sweet younger one. So here are the top few advantages that I picked from my life.

1. Let’s say you are angry or sad and you want to vent it out, your sister will be there and you can share it with her. She will be there to hold you when you cry and when you need someone.

2. At times when life treats you badly, and you feel you are left alone, she will prove you wrong and be there to care for you. She makes you smile again with her kiddish talks and you get an assurance that one soul is there for you.

3. Are you caught in a problem or entangled in loads of issues, she will be there to reduce your fear and bring you out of the problem.

4. Do you have a crush or is a guy hitting on you?? Talk it out to her. She is the only one who will think from your perspective and give you the right advice.

6. You will need a companion to go for movies, shopping and you may find it very difficult to find a person who matches your wavelength. Yeah that’s when your sister will accompany you and make your day beautiful.

7. Is it a bad day for you at work or college?? Call her and speak to her. You will find numerous topics to discuss and you will be relieved.

8. Most important, let’s say your mom is angry with you, your sister will support you.

9.After your mom, she will care for you and take care of you.

10. Finally, you will write a blog like this and she will hug you for that..20141026_114842


Girls beware

All these while, I was writing about relationships and other young age stuffs. But now I have decided to write something strong.

Yeah!! Its about few guys and believe me I am not against guys, I’m just voicing out for the girls.

I switch on the television or go to social media, I see loads of stuffs relating to girls cheating guys and guys suffering because of that. But there is also another side. Yeah!! All guys are not as you think. They are just cheap dirty people who talk only for pleasure. Especially with the rise in the social media, guys have found ways that are even more easier to flirt.

I have personally faced many instances where guys who call themselves friends, try to cross their line. Well, if you are that kinda girl who is termed as modern, it becomes easy. But for girls like me, yeah it is sick. It is not only but hurting us but it makes us form an impression on the other guys too.

Aren’t we educated?? I am sure most of us would have gone to a co-education school. Have you ever spoken like this to your classmates? Any girl who talks to you shares her number because she trusts you and it is not because she needs pleasure. If you are in that mindset better change it. Will you accept it if a guy talks to your sister like that? Wont you get angry? Then why can’t you follow the same thing with your friends? What stops you from doing that or what encourages you to talk like that? Aren’t you taught how to behave with a girl?

The worst part is if the girl is innocent, they bring love into the picture. Yeah they cheat girls in the name of love. At the end once their need is fulfilled they move on and the girl is tagged with a name – flirt. Is this correct. If you are a girl will you take this?

Not only bachelors, even married guys don’t want to reveal their relationship status and even after getting a wife they still flirt. Why do you need that flirting satisfaction when you have a wife? What do you gain by that? Will you accept it if another guy does this to your wife or daughter. When you are matured enough to get married aren’t you matured enough to draw a line?

Social media like facebook and watsapp is paving way for these cheaters to spoil a girl’s life. There are many groups where guys connect with girls, talk friendly and the end show their true colors. They start talking good but end up in a dirty flirt. Fine there are exceptions, but those guys are just handful. Even otherwise aren’t we good enough to know how to treat girls and how to behave with them? Dont we have a culture??

Signing off with an angry note..

C ya..