2015!!!! Fingers crossed…

Finallyyy 2014 is over and 2015 has started. 2014 was a complete mix for me ofcourse with very little happy moments but that’s alright. I hope 2015 will be very good for me. My priority in this year would be to get married. Yeah, finally made up my mind and decided to get married. So, gearing up the process of groom searching. I know its pretty difficult to find a guy of my choice but still I am hoping for the best. Secondly, I have decided to say no to junk. Yeah, trying to be a fitness freak. Gonna hit the gym regularly and of course follow my diet chart. But somewhere I feel I should start dancing at least at home for now. So will start dancing again. Apart from this I dont have anything till now for 2015.. Hmmmmm!!! Let’s see something might come in the way.. So for now, Happy new year.

By the way, the start of this year was awesome. Spent the last few hours of 2014 and the first few hours of 2015 with my friends. Had a really good time with them and my bestie wished me first for the new year so I am sure this year is going to be super cool for me.

Till I’m back, take care and happy 2015.