Does marriage really depend on your physique??

Oh gosh! You are soo fat and the groom might reject you. Well, I keep hearing this very often. That made me wonder, does my physique really matter for getting married!! Why can’t a girl who is on the heavier side get married. Are all the grooms perfect? Can’t you find a groom who is short or bald? So, being short or bald does not stop the wedding, but being fat does!! Who framed all these criteria? We framed it. We came up with specifications. To the guys, when you complaint that bride’s family is expecting good salary, own house etc., where did this expectation go?? Shouldn’t you be against this also.

And to all those who say a fat girl will be rejected, being fat is not a mistake. And not all fat girls hog. It might be due to various issues. Before you judge a person, try to talk to him/her about his/her problem. Believe me, you will realize they too have emotions. By telling them, “you will not get married”, you’re only creating an inferiority complex and scaring them, which is not at all necessary. Not all slim girls are beautiful. I totally understand health issues are related to weight, but that does not decide your marriage.

Well, let’s say I am very beautiful and I get married, but after that some allergy reduces my beauty, will the guy leave me? Will he still say beauty is all I want. First of all, try to understand even a fat person is a human being.

Now, to all those who say, “First reduce your weight, then get married”, do you think reducing is very easy? Nope, never! It will take a year or two to reduce and then you will say, sorry now you are too old to get married.

Folks, I am on the heavier side and I have rejected many guys because they are not my kinda people. Please don’t assume I was rejected for being heavy. Beyond your physique there are many other reasons.

It is not that we are fat because we want to be. It is our physique and we are working to reduce it. It is not that we just sit idle and hog, even we have a corporate life. Think and understand before you speak.

We too have feelings! Yes, even we cry and feel scared. Just because we are fat, you don’t have the liberty to talk about us. We will talk back.

So, please think before you speak.


4 thoughts on “Does marriage really depend on your physique??

  1. Ice what you said is 100 percent correct, what really matters is how he/she take care of their better half and how they understand each other… No one in this world can promise they will throughout their life as they are now. Everyone will get wrinkles in their cheek when they grow old and one day they have face the obesity.. And one thing I wanted to point in my view girls who are fatty they look cute

  2. So true……i am with you on this……so much we try to reduce, and people just take it for granted that we are fat because we eat a lot and we dont move our bum…..! so not true….! i have seen many of my friends who eat more than me and dont move around at all and still are lean…….!

  3. Grt post…!!! What we can expect from the ppl who compare individual profile in matrimonial sites like comparing products in flipkark..!!!

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