Fine, I am 26!!! Thats not a big deal!!

For the first time in my life, I feel like fast forwarding my birthday. Yeah, I don’t want to see my birthday. I know the reason behind this. Yeah its my 27th birthday. Well, it’s not about me getting older, it’s about my relationship status. Yeah, I am single!!! Who fixed the age for getting married?? What’s wrong if I am 26 and I’m still single. I am not bothered about it. I am educated and I know the pros and cons of being single. I will get married when the time comes. It’s just that I am waiting for the right guy. I cannot marry a random guy for the sake of having a life partner. I want my relationship to be good even though not perfect.

Who told you I will never get married if I cross 27? That’s a humbug. What if I meet my guy at 30?? Getting married is my wish. It’s my future and it’s my problem. Thanks for worrying about me but please don’t demotivate me.

When guys can get married in 30s, why can’t girls?? Now please don give excuses like culture and science. I have heard enough of it.

What if a person who is younger to me gets married?? It is not going to affect my life in any way. Its her wish!! Her life!! Tomorrow I may not even see her. If she gets married, let her take it up. Why force me into it for the sake of other people?

Even if it is written on my head that I should live alone, I can and I will. I know how to mould of my life. Probably god has not written marriage in my life. But I am sure he would have written something better and it will soon reach me. Getting married is not the ultimate goal. I have other goals too. Why can’t I fulfill them??? At the end, its my life. I have to live it. I have to shape it. Who will cry when I die??

Signing off in an angry note..


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