Guys – They are not to be blamed always

Hi.. its been few days since we met. I was just searching for a good topic and that’s when my best friend suggested that I write something positive about guys. And here I go..

Well, like a coin has 2 sides, there are positives and negatives for everything. Same way, though we criticise guys and term them with many names, they help us in many ways.

In a girl’s life, males play multiple roles. As a father, brother, friend, husband and son.

First as a father, a girl’s first male friend. In fact it is said that a father and his daughter share a special bonding and he is closer to her than her mother. He protects us and gives us everything. Fine, he is our father so he does.

Now, brother, husband and son also play similar roles as a father. Let’s not go in detail there. But a friend!!!!. What relationship we have with him apart from being a friend? But still he comes along with us just to safeguard us. Be it shopping or movies or restaurant. Shopping, well they know they will get bored, but they just come because they don’t want us to go alone. Have to mention how they patiently wait outside the trial room. And the horrible movies we take them to.. Have you ever thought why they do all these? It’s because they care for us and they don’t want us to go alone.

We often talk about rapes, but there are guys who accompany us because they are scared something might happen to us. They actually save us from the rapists. Not only friends, your office cab driver, cab mates even they find ways to drop you safely at home. I have experienced this. After dropping me in the gate my cab drivers wait till I reach my flat and then leave. Shouldn’t we just stop blaming all guys?? Not only safeguarding us, only to our friend we can be ourselves.

At times he is like your female friend. He understands even the girlish situation of yours and try to save you. You can rely on him just like you rely on your female friends. Even when you show your worst character to them, they will not mistake you. With my friends I do that. I run, jump, dance, torture them, make them take me for long drives.

Its just not about roaming or sharing. Its something more. We just cannot blame them because they are guys and avoid them. There are many good ones too. I have got many male friends through community groups and only I know how well they behave to me. I can totally trust them.

It’s not that all guys are bad and they flirt, there are some real good guys too.

Alright, time to go. C ya soon. Bye..


5 thoughts on “Guys – They are not to be blamed always

  1. Aishu it’s really make me feel so proud to be your friend. Though we have never met each other and we became friends from this Thambaram grup only. But we spoke about ur past and my past so comfortably. And it made me to feel like I can also be friend with girls

    Keep rocking ice. always to be my good and best friend

  2. Aishu, it’s really make me to feel proud to your friend, though we have not met each and we became friends through this Thambaram grup. We have shared ur past and my past with full confidence and comfortable manner.

    Keep rocking ice. You should always be my best friend. Thanks for Thambaram grup for giving you as my best friend

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